Dynamite Fishing and Its Effects

What is dynamite fishing?

Lots of people in our country are engaged in many illegal activities just to earn money.One of this illegal activities is the use of dynamites in catching fish.Some people who do this kind of activity are the ones living near the sea.

Dynamite fishing is one of the methods of catching fish.This is an activity using an explosive device that kills many fishes and other creatures under the sea.This is also an illegal practice that is mostly done by people who believe that this is the best way of catching fish. dynamite fishing is done not only in the Philippines but in other parts of the world as well.

Why do some people do this?Don’t they know the effects of what are they doing?Aren’t they awre of the possible outcomes of their activty?And what are the possible solutions for this problem?

Some Resources:

Philippine Dynamite Fishing

Blast fishing

Blast fishing

The depths of destruction
Dynamite fishing ravages Philippines’ precious coral reefs


Effects of dynamite fishing:


1. Destruction of the coral reefs.

Once a fisherman throws a dynamite to the sea there is a great possibility that they might hit a coral reef. Coral reefs serves as a breeding place and gives protection to the baby fish. So, if the remaining coral reefs are destroyed we might encounter a seafood shortage and some fishermen might lose their jobs.

2. More endangered marine species.

In the past years we have lots of fishes in our seas but because of this illegal activities many fishes are now endangered. Because most of the coral reefs in our country are destroyed, fish loses the place where they could reproduce. We will definitely lose a lot in our resources if this kind of activity will continue in the next years.

Some endangered marine species:

3. Sea creatures

Fish and other aquatic animals are very sensitive to these chemicals. Most of them reduce their swimming abilities.

Other effects includes delayed mortality and altered growth patterns.


1. Toxic to the human body

Some of the chemicals used in making dynamites are not good for the human health. That’s why the government doesn’t allow this kind of fishing method because their coulod still be small traces of those chemicals which could cause  some health problem to our body.

2. Loss jobs

For the past years we could observe that there are lots of fishes in our seas. But today the number of fishes caught by the fishermen become less. So, if this method would not be stop, then, lots of fishermen might lose their jobs and this could add up to the problems our country is facing today.



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